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Get clan review and have it displayed right here on our website for all to see!. We offer non-biased, fair and straight to the point clan review. In our clan review we will review your clan on everything from your clans website design all the way down to your individual clan members, your clan videos, achievements and so much more.

Our clan review will provide you with help on everything from errors within your website (if you have missed any errors we will let you know asap!), we will help promote your clan in every way possible and share all of your stuff on our social pages as much as we possibly can…… were here to help you.

A clan review is what we do best, below are the services that come with our clan review, check them out!


In-depth up close and personal clan review of your website, we will review your content quality, layout, image designs, placements and more.

Our aim is to give you the most interesting reviews about clans.  The mission is not to review the latest, best or most known clans, but to help expose all clans to the world for all to see. Our reviewer’s  want to help expose your clan to the world in a way you never thought could be possible. On this site you’ll find reviews about clans from all different walks of life, all sorts of genres. But what will be common between you and all of them is that you all have that love of being in the team online.


We will conduct interviews with individual clan members, we will find out why they like the clan and what its like to be apart of your team.

We want to give your clan members (and you) to have your say, what you like about your clan, how it can be expanded or even future plans. Interviews on your clan certifiy your word to the world, feedback on your clan is everything.

We will interview random team mates, affiliate clans and anyone related to your clan and ask them what they think of you and your creation.


We will Promote your clan ! We want to hear all about what you are all about!  We want to know what your challenges are so that we can turn them into successes.  We have the tools to show them what sets your clan apart and makes your clan the most unique around.

Think of us as your marketing partner.  

It is vital to show our appreciation to our supporters. We are committed to working with you to help you get your clans name out there to thank you for using our services. We will do everything in our power.


Errors can easily be missed, we will notify you of spelling mistakes, code errors and more, if we find it we will email you asap with the error and the suggested fix.

Errors within your website can be deadly to your clans message your trying to get across, you write “were the best clan in the world!” but you have simple spelling mistakes all over your website lol this as you know will not go down well.

You can take a break and be worry free cause we have got your back.


Guides on how to manage your clan efficiently if you need some help or are starting out with your first clan, we can help you get on your feet.

You have just opened your first clan and have no idea on what you have to do, we have simple guides to help you get everything in order 1 step at a time. Everything from managing your clan schedule, what to do if a member breaks the rules and much more.

So check out the free guides and if you have a guide of your own click the link at the top of the site to donate your own guide to the world.


We have awards for you to place on your website and show off, we have a basic award and a premium one for you if you donated any amount to our cause.

Basic Award is to thank you for using our services, it is a animated image that shows off your earned awards and your clan review rating (we don’t do that certified clan BS, simply because it makes no sense lol).

Our Premium award is for anyone who donates to our cause, we are very grateful to receive any donations and want to show you our appreciation and thanks.


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