Pokèmon Developer Game Freak Working On New Entry In "Globally Popular" RPG Series

Game Freak, developers of the Pokèmon series since its inception in the 1990s, are hard at work on a new secret project for “console.” Nothing has been officially announced, but the buzz is that it could be a new Pokèmon game for Nintendo Switch, or possibly a port of Pokèmon: Sun and Moon or another legacy title for Nintendo’s portable/home console hybrid.

A new job listing on Indeed Japan is adding fuel to the speculative fire; the company is looking to hire people who can create character models on machines comparable to Wii U and PlayStation Vita for a new entry in an RPG series which is “popular on a global scale.” No Pokèmon title has been announced for Nintendo Switch, but if this job listing pans out the way we think it could, then perhaps an announcement is just around the corner.

The most recent mainline Pokèmon title, Sun and Moon, released in 2016 to critical acclaim and record-setting sales figures.

[Source: Gamespot]


Our Take:
A new Pokèmon game for Nintendo Switch is not a guarantee, but it seems like the logical next step; traditionally, the core entries in the monster-collecting series have only ever released on Nintendo’s handheld systems, and Switch’s key selling point is that it’s a half-handheld, half-console hybrid. A new Pokèmon game would be a natural fit on the new hardware, and Nintendo needs as many ringers in their corner as they can get. Time will tell if this secret project is, indeed, a new Pokèmon game or something else, but all signs are telling us that it won’t be long before we set out to “catch ’em all” on Switch.

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