Find out what's happening at the arena in 2017If Esports Were In The OlympicsBlizzard's New Ranking System Will Change Competitive OverwatchIs Overwatch the Next Big Esport? Dolby Thinks So.Introducing World Series of Sealed

2017 will be bringing a lot of new and exciting changes to Esports Arena. We will be taking on a brand new look, hours, membership pricing and more.

The 2016 Summer Olympics have begun in Rio de Janeiro. Despite some interesting developments such as concerns about sanitation and the Zika virus, the games seem to be rolling full steam ahead.

The IOC regularly adds and removes sports from the Olympics, this year adding Rugby Sevens and Golf, but what if video game competitions were included? I don’t imagine it’d happen in my lifetime, if ever, but it’s still interesting to wonder what it would look like if esports were in the Olympics.

It’s an exciting week for Overwatch fans. “Competitive Play” was released on Tuesday, June 28th for those who play Overwatch on PC. Blizzard ranks players via a “skill rating” system so they can see how they match up against other players directly, and also added gilded weapon skins that you can “buy” with points earned while playing in the competitive mode. There are lots of information out there to find out more about Competitive Play, but let’s take a look at what this all means for the competitive esports scene of Overwatch.

SANTA ANA, Calif – Esports Arena, North America’s first dedicated Esports facility, announced the launch of Agents Rising, an Overwatch gaming tournament streaming live on Twitch May 28-29 in partnership with Dolby.

Esports Arena introduces a unique Hearthstone series called World Series of Sealed, a poker-style tournament using TempoStorm’s Sealed Deck tool. The event will be livestreamed and will feature some of the most prominent Hearthstone players currently in the scene: Reynad, Firebat, Strifecro, Trump, VLPS and Zalae. Each of these players will begin the tournament with 1,000 gold (equal to $1,000 USD) for a total prize pool of $6,000.

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