ESWC Paris CWL Open event takes place this weekend

The next CWL Open Event kicks off this weekend with ESWC’s Winter Paris event. The event takes place in Paris from February 17 through February 19.

Over 150 teams have signed up to compete for their share of the $100,000 prize pool, with select teams auto qualifying for pool play based upon CWL Pro Points.

Pool Play:

  • POOL A: 

    • Red Reserve (formally Orbit)
    • OpTic Gaming
    • Team 3G
    • Open Bracket Team
  • POOL B: 
    • Rise Nation
    • Team Infused
    • Supremacy
    • Open Bracket Team
  • POOL C: 
    • Splyce
    • FaZe Clan
    • XtroVert Exports
    • Open Bracket Team
  • POOL D: 
    • Cloud9
    • FNATIC
    • eLevate
    • Open Bracket Team

Prize Pool:

  • 1st $40,000
  • 2nd $24,000
  • 3rd $16,000
  • 4th $8,000
  • 5th – 6th $4,000
  • 7th – 8th $2,000

Schedule (*All Times are Central Europe Time*):

Friday, February 17th:

  • 01:00pm Round 1 Group C & D
    Splyce vs Xtrovert Esport / Cloud9 vs Fnatic
  • 02:30pm Round 1 Group A & B
    Red Reserve vs Team 3G / Rise Nation vs Supremacy
  • 04:00pm Round 2 Group C & D
    FaZe Clan vs Xtrovert Esport / Elevate vs Fnatic
  • 05:30pm Round 2 Group A & B
    Optic vs Team 3G / Infused vs Supremacy (on ESWC Winter main stage)
  • 07:00pm Round 3 Group C & D
    Splyce vs FaZe Clan / Cloud9 vs Elevate
  • 09:00pm Round 3 Group A & B
    Red Reserve vs Optic (on ESWC Winter main stage) / Rise Nation vs Infused

Saturday, February 18th:

  • 09:00am Round 4 Group A, B, C and D
    Red Reserve vs TBC / Rise Nation vs TBC / Splyce vs TBC / Cloud9 vs TBC
  • 10:30am Round 5 Group A, B, C and D
    Optic vs TBC / Infused vs TBC / FaZe Clan vs TBC / Elevate vs TBC
  • 12:00pm Round 6 Group A, B, C and D
    Team 3G vs TBC / Supremacy vs TBC / Xtrovert Esport vs TBC / Fnatic vs TBC
  • 02:30pm Winner Bracket Round 1 / Loser Bracket Round 1
  • 04:00pm Winner Bracket Round 2 / Loser Bracket Round 2
  • 05:30pm Winner Bracket Round 2 / Loser Bracket Round 3

Sunday, February 19th:

  • 09:00am Loser Bracket Round 4
  • 10:30am Winner Bracket Final / Loser Bracket Round 5
  • 12:00pm Loser Bracket Round 6
  • 03:00pm Loser Bracket Round 7
  • 05:00pm Grand Final

Full Pool Play Schedule in Local Time Zone available here. Friday, February 17 matches begin at 6:45AM ET; Saturday, February 18 matches begin at 4AM ET; Sunday, February 19 matches also begin at 4AM ET. 

Broadcast Talent:

The entire action can be viewed LIVE on and in the in-game live event viewer on PS4 (Infinite Warfare).

Be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest news on the CWL!

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