elite-12 Clan Reviews


Members Overall Attitude

Speaking with a few of the clan members via Enjin chat i found them to be very polite, helpful and informative. I got a speedy response when i asked a general inquiry which came with manners and respectful replies.

  • They are a respectful bunch
  • Very informative and helpful to anonymous users
  • Are not racist or abusive in any way.

Clan Quote

“We consider our clan to be the best because we can honestly say that we are positively different from all other clans inside and out. We treat each and every member like family and most will tell you they consider EOG to be their family. We are growing larger by the day and are constantly being recognized as a top gaming organization.”


Conducting a clan review on the Elite Ops Gaming team website has been a visually appealing experience, the website is designed perfectly to make up the look of the clan, it shows what the team is about with its dark HD quality graphics and well laid out appearance. A lot of work has been put into this site which tells me this is a team that is in the game for the long haul. Below you will find sections about parts of the site and information plus the teams overall clan review rating.


  • The site is not to deep to find the required information.
  • Scrolling is minimized, especially on primary navigation pages.
  • The icons used for navigation are obvious in terms of what they represent.
  • Navigation options are obvious and easy for users to use.
  • The “Home” button is present and  in the same position on every page in the site.
  • The navigation drop down menus are minimal and easy to navigate.


  • Besides having a consistent feel throughout the site, the feel and image consistency presented through other media and the products matches the team website overall.
  • Every page within the website bares the clan logo either once or more times.
  • The colors are consistent with images throughout the site.
  • The items within the Store are well branded.
  • The main website banner features branded products.

Design & Content

  • This clan website is  visually appealing to its target audience.
  • Width and Length – this site does not require horizontal scrolling.
  • The site does not require extensive vertical scrolling.
  • The website is updated regularly with information and updates.
  • The content easily readable for everyone.
  • The date of the most recent update is not provided.
  • Attention to detail: There are no spelling errors, broken graphics or broken links.
  • They write to their audience and not talk over them or down to them.
  • The size of the website is average.
  • The website takes between 2-6 secs to load overall (http://tools.pingdom.com)
  • The website features a videos on its main page + they have a Intro also.
  • The imagery design for the staff area is unique with half face images and information on each staff member, other members are just added to a list.
  • The clan rank emblems are of custom design and match the site very well.
  • The design of the itself makes you want to return to it again and again.

Primary Sections

  • The website features a Online troubleshooting FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions section).
  • It Provides links to other useful sites websites (Kontrol Freak, Grip it and more).
  • The is no area named clan recruitment .
  • The site features helpful FAQ’s.
  • The are awards available for clan members to earn within the community website.
  • The website features a forum.
  • The forum is only accessible to clan members only.
  • The website features a Premium Members area which offers members extra features.
  • There is a chat feature for website members in the bottom left of the site.
  • The clans recent battles are listed.
  • The level of online interaction is good, two way communication easy and encouraged.
  • The website provides a contact area to ask questions.
  • A store is featured for users to purchase clan products.
  • The contact form requires minimal information, it does not feel like you are being interrogated.
  • There are no other internet extras that appear on the site (animated gifs, mouseovers, MP3).
clan review
clan review
clan review
clan review

Technical Operations

  • The Enjin software has been used to create this website.
  • The website is easy to find within search engines.
  • Good use of meta tags.
  • There are no possible trademark violation issues.
  • All browser types and versions have been checked and work.

Website Errors Discovered

spelling mistakes 0 Discovered
404 pages 0 Discovered
missing image links 0 Discovered


Overall Clan Rating

Website Architecture
Website Presentation
Members Chauvinism
Members Conduct
Clan Notoriety
Do we like this clan?
Final Thoughts

This clan review was very intriguing, the site design is beautifully done and everything is perfected, there are a few pages which lack content such as the awards and battle pages, they could use a little more content to make them look less plain but apart from these small easy fix areas the site is perfect for a clan. Upon visiting the site for the first time you get the immediate impression that this clan is worth the registration, if they are willing to make there site this good and put all the effort they have done into it then just imagine what they can achieve on the battlefield online. The Elite Ops Gaming clan has the right name, "Elite", as this is exactly what they are and their website is one of the top websites we have seen so far, any gamer reading this that is not affiliated with a clan must get on there site and register, they are a well oiled team and they have the respect and manners of a world class championship clan, this is a "MUST JOIN" for any clan gamer.

Overall Score 4.9 AMAZING!!
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