A Troublesome 2016 Berth and an Uncertain Future for the LoL DGC Title Favourites

Just days before the kick-off of the 2016 Telkom Digital Gaming Championships (DGC), Telkom Gaming sat down with League of Legends Championship title-favourites eN. Energy E-Sports Re Vera to discuss a difficult 2016 berth and expectations moving forward.

ReVera claiming their 2015 DGC Victory

First off, from a captain’s perspective, how has your team performed this past year?

Alex “RoiDzZ” Rymill: My team has had a very up and down performance (mostly down) however we seemed to manage to put the pieces back together for DGC.

You’ve had some hurdles, perhaps not performed at your usual level. How do you feel you personally have worked through that and do you feel the side is ready to give their all at DGC?

Alex “RoiDzZ” Rymill: I don’t really ever think the team is ready and we still haven’t met our true potential, however, hopefully in the next week, we will be able to get through a lot of our issues and stand a good chance.

I have seen you make reference to this being your last year on the team. Could you elaborate on that ?

Alex “RoiDzZ” Rymill: Basically I have I feel like I won’t be able to balance out my workload and still play league… the game still brings me great joy and I still have a passion I just feel like I would rather become a caster and/or streamer than to keep playing competitively.  

Who will be your successor in the team and will you still be involved in the management/coaching of the team?

Alex “RoiDzZ” Rymill: I have no clue what is happening in the future.

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Following your top-place finish in leg one, leg two and three saw the side stumble slightly. What motivated your side into improving their performance to regain that undefeated run in the final leg?

Stephen “MrKnott” Knott: Basically I stopped playing like a complete idiot, as well as our bot-lane synergy improved greatly which has a major effect on our team as Mike “VanZoR” Olivier is like a secondary shot caller.

Do you feel that your performance during the year may have affected your competition’s expectations for this year’s Championship?

Ruan “Senticall” Potgieter: Yes, we gave them false hope.

Do you feel that your rivals may be more confident going into matches than they would have say last DGC?

Stephen “MrKnott” Knott: Yes definitely because we have dropped a lot of maps to everyone this year.

If you had to predict the outcome of the entire event, run us through your top four:

Mike “VanZoR” Olivier: The top four teams are probably FbdN Knights, VnR – Veneration E-Sports LOL, Ventus™ and eN. Energy E-Sports Re Vera.

I see VnR beating Ventus this year and FbdN will most probably finish fourth.

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eN.Re Vera [Energy E-Sports] are the reigning LoL champions, having successfully retained their title at last year’s competition for a record third-consecutive time. Can the champions make it four-in-a-row?

Source: telkomgaming