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A New League of Legends Champion is Crowned!

After three years of back to back DGC victories, eN. Energy E-Sports Re Vera have been dethroned with a dominant performance by Ventus in the best-of-five final granting the side their first championship title.


Ventus Gaming came into the competition confident that this year would be the one to take down the three-time DGC champions. Coming out of a 2-0 Group stage, Ventus continued their winning streak taking don FbdN Scar to secure their first match-up against their long-time rivals, and defending champions, eN Re Vera.

Going into the first map it seemed that Ventus may have to eat their words with a eN’s unkillable Ezreal- Taric bot-lane dominating the competition. Going into game two, however, overconfidence and questionable calls saw eN stumble and ultimately give up game two. Despite some excellent dragon control and an extremely close gold ratio, game three saw Ventus close out their first series against eN 2-1.

Progressing through winner’s bracket Ventus next met VnR – Veneration E-Sports LOL who, despite an extremely well-fought 52-minute game two, would ultimately be unable to stem the rising tide of the Ventus winning streak, with the game going 2-1 in Ventus’ favour.

eN Re Vera in the meantime were duking it out in the best-of-one lower bracket, picking up wins against the FbdN Knights and VnR to ultimately progress to the grand final where they would attempt to hold on to their title for another year. Unfortunately for the tournament favourites, the Ventus team came into the finals in fantastic form, picking up an extremely strong team-fight composition to secure their first match of the finals with a 23-minute victory.

With Ventus coming into the finals with the winners bracket map advantage, it was do-or-die for the defending champions and a strong early game seemed to see the match going their way. A strong team-fight at bot-lane, followed up by the pick-up of the Infernal Drake, saw eN secure an early lead.

What followed was some of the most intense League of Legends of the weekend as a number of skirmishes in the jungle saw the pressure swing from one side to the other. Unfortunately for eN, Ventus’ composure and team-fighting ability (partnered with the extreme damage output from the Victor-Kennen combo) proved too strong to quell and the mid-game saw Taric and Hecarim set up a number of fights for their carries to clean up which ultimately resulted in a 43-minute game-two victory and a brand new League of Legends DGC Champion being crowned!




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